Re: STMA - Edgeworth David hits the game shows

Dear STAMAsters,

We, of course, hold the papers of David.  One day the guide will be 
on the web:)



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> Dear STAMAsters,
> It was reported in the Melbourne "Herald Sun" yesterday that if Paddy
> Spooner had know the occupation of Sir T.W. Edgeworth David he could have
> won $500,000 - Not to miss an opportunity we have sent of letter to the
> editor about how he could have found that information on the Web within the
> time allowed to answer the question. The letter is below:
> ******************************************************************* 
> How Paddy Spooner could have won $500 000 in less than 30 seconds on Who
> Wants to be a Millionaire?
> Herald Sun readers might be interested to know that information about Sir
> T.W. Edgeworth David (Geologist and Surveyor) is literally at their
> fingertips, and would have taken Paddy Spooner’s friend less than the
> allowed 30 seconds to discover, had he done a simple search on the Internet
> (presuming he had two phone lines of course!).
> Type in Edgeworth David in the Excite search engine and the first entry
> returned will take you to his entry in Bright Sparcs. His biographical
> entry clearly states "Sir T.W. Edgeworth David - Geologist and Surveyor".
> Bright Sparcs is a fantastic resource for the history of Australian science
> - one of Australia’s great subject based information gateways on the
> Internet, containing over 3,000 biographical records that register the key
> life and career information of Australian scientists, technologists,
> medical researchers, science administrators and industrialists.
> It is the major outreach and communication tool of the Australian Science
> Archives Project at the University of Melbourne, soon to be known as the
> Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre. Our Web site receives in
> excess of 200,000 visits per week and recent survey has shown that at least
> 10,000 external Web sites from all over the world link directly to Bright
> Sparcs and its host, ASAPWeb. We deal with all sorts of enquiries from all
> sorts of people, ranging from school children, PhD researchers, to a recent
> enquiry from the Australian Embassy in Washington looking to promote
> Australian achievements in the biological sciences.
> If you’d like to know more about us please have a look at our Web site -
> http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/ - or feel free to phone me on 9344 9364.
> -----
> The particular Edgeworth David URL is
> http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/bsparcs/biogs/P000349b.htm
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