The Teachers' Guide to Bright Sparcs

The Teachers' Guide to Bright Sparcs - Level 7

'Working Scientifically' Strand, Using Science

Discuss the influence of the work
of scientists such as Pasteur, Florey,
Franklin, Meitner, McClintok, Carson,
and Suzuki, on our way of life

While Bright Sparcs does have entries for
Pasteur and Florey, there are many Australian scientists whose work has also impacted on our way of life.

Sir Mark Oliphant is one of Australia's most respected atomic physicists. He worked with Rutherford at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, and undertook ground-breaking atomic research. Bright Sparcs has an online article about Oliphant's life and work.

'Crosbie' Morrison, naturalist and science broadcaster, was as well known in his time as Suzuki is today for his efforts in communicating science to the masses. During the 1940s and 1950s, Crosbie Morrison became Australia's best known naturalist. He was the editor of Wild Life from 1938-54 and broadcast regular weekly nature talks from 1938 until his death.

The Australian scientists who have won the Nobel Prize have also made significant impacts in their fields and on our lives:

'Working Scientifically' Strand, Acting Responsibly

Write an article about scientists involved
in projects with obvious social or
environmental ramifications

We have listed a few Australian scientists who were involved in public debate on important social and environmental issues below.

Bright Sparcs can be used to search for scientists who were active in a particular field. If you have the name of an Australian scientist, you can browse Bright Sparcs to locate their entry and determine if there are any online, biographical or archival sources that can be accessed for further information. The User's Guide to Bright Sparcs contains more details on how to search the database.

If you have any suggestions on Australian scientists that we can feature in this section,
please email us at:

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