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This is listing of a few of the scientists who either were born in or worked in each Australian state and territory. This information can be used as a starting point for further historical or scientific studies that relate to your state. The states and territories are listed alphabetically.

Australian Capital Territory Island Territories New South Wales
Northern Territory Queensland South Australia
Tasmania Victoria Western Australia

Australian Capital Territory

* Adrien Albert
Medical Chemist
Worked: Canberra, ACT

* Nancy Burbidge

Worked: ACT

* Walter Geoffrey Duffield

Worked: ACT

* Otto Frankel

Geneticist and Plant Breeder
Worked: ACT

* Harold James Frith

Worked: ACT
*Sidney 'Ben' Gascoigne
Worked: ACT

* James Dwyer McGee

Born: Canberra, ACT

* Hanna Neumann

Worked: ACT

* Ernest Titterton

Nuclear Physicist
Worked: ACT

* David Ogilvie White

Born: Canberra, ACT

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Island Territories

* Leslie Russell Blake
Antarctic Explorer and Geologist
Worked: Macquarie Island

*Phillip Parker King

Born: Norfolk Island

*George Raper

Natural History Artist
Worked: Norfolk Island
*Raoul Sunday (Roy) Bell
Ornithologist and Naturalist
Born: Kermadec Island
Worked: Norfolk Island

*Gilbert Percy Whitley

Icthyologist and Entomologist
Worked: Lord Howe Island

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New South Wales

*Louisa Atkinson
Natural History Illustrator and Writer
Born: NSW

*Arthur John Birch (1915 - 1995)

Organic Chemist
Born: Sydney, NSW

*Peter Orlebar Bishop

Born: Tamworth, NSW

*John Warcup Cornforth

Chemist, Nobel Laureate
Born: Sydney, NSW

*William James Farrer

Agriculturalist and Wheat Breeder
Work: based in Queanbeyan, NSW
*Daphne Goulston
Born: Sydney, NSW

*Elizabeth Kenny (1880 - 1952)

Nurse and Health Administrator
Born: Warialda, NSW

*John Tebbutt

Astronomer and Meteorologist
Born: Windsor, NSW

*Helen Alma Newton Turner

Born: NSW

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Northern Territory

*David Lindsay

Explorer and Surveyor
Worked: NT

*Olive Muriel Pink

Anthropologist and Botanical Artist
Worked: NT

*Theodor Strehlow

Linguist and Ethnologist
Born: Hermannsburg, NT

*Charles Todd

Astronomer and Meteorologist
Worked: NT

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*Dorothy Hill

Geologist and Palaeontologist
Born: Brisbane, Qld

*Sidney Jackson

Zoologist and Ornithologist
Born: Brisbane, Qld

*Ursula McConnel

Born: Cressbrook, Qld

*Cecil Morton

Born: Toowoomba, Qld

*Wilfred Simmonds

Physiologist and Pathologist
Born: Brisbane, Qld

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South Australia

*Marcus Oliphant

Born: Kent Town, SA

*Robert Price

Born: Adelaide, SA(?)

*John Sanders

Physicist and Crystallographer
Born: Adelaide, SA

*Robert Thyer

Born: Adelaide, SA

*Joseph Verco

Physician and Conchologist
Born: Fullarton, SA

*Charles Winnecke

Explorer and Botanist
Born: Norwood, SA

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*James Patterson

Born: Launceston, Tas.

*Leonard Rodway

Worked: Tas.
Botanist and Dentist

*William Shoobridge

Born: Glenayr, Tas.

*Emma Stone

Medical Practitioner
Born: Hobart Town, Tas.

*George Story

Naturalist and General Practitioner
Worked: Tas.

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*Thomas Howell Laby

Chemist and Physicist
Born: Creswick, Vic.

*Annie Jean Macnamara

Medical Scientist
Born: Beechworth, Vic.

*Nancy Millis

Born: Melbourne, Vic.

*Ellis Rowan

Botanical Illustrator
Born: Melbourne, Vic.

*Hannah Sexton

Surgeon and Gynaecologist
Born: Melbourne, Vic.

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Western Australia

* Joan Freeman

Nuclear Physicist
Born: Perth, WA

* Georgina King

Anthropologist and Geologist
Born: Fremantle, WA

* Fiona Stanley

Born: WA(?)

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