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GIBSON, Kenneth Elliott

Born Sydney 28 September 1912. Education Sydney University (B.Sc. 1934) and University College London (Dip. Chem. Eng. 1935). Demonstrator in chemistry at Sydney University 1934. Research chemist, I.C.I. Ltd., U.K., 1935-38; African Explosives & Chemical Industries Ltd., South Africa, 1939; general manager, Chemistry Division, I.C.I. Australia Ltd., 1940-52; deputy chairman-managing director of A.C.F. & Shirleys Fertilizers Ltd. 1952-70.
  1. (With T. Iredale) Absorption spectrum of mercuric sulphide. Nature, 133 (1934), 985.
  2. (With T. Iredale) The photodecomposition of iodoform and of the alkyl and alkylene iodides. Faraday Society, London. Transactions., 32 (1936), 571-576.

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