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REcovering Science


Tim Sherratt

Recovering Science: Progress in the 1990s
Gavan McCarthy

Science biography

Jock Marshall
Janie Marshall

Biographical Memoirs Published in Historical Records of Australian Science
Rosanne Clayton

Esmond Venner Keogh
Lyndsay Gardiner

Notes On Biography and Historiography of Science - The Life and Work of Michael White
Doug McCann

Regardfully yours Ferd. von Mueller
Sara Maroske

Postwar science

Documenting Postwar Science: the Challenge of Change
Joan Warnow-Blewett

Engaging With Leviathan: A Historian's Perspective on Using the Scientific Archives of the Department of Defence
Peter Morton

A Case Study: The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Margaret Brumby

Dealing With Commonwealth Science and Technology Records
Wendy Southern

Missing persons

Invisible Workers and the Archives of the History of Science
Amaya Alvarez

Amateur Scientists: Finding and preserving their contributions to the growth of scientific research in Australia
Shauna Hicks and Kathryn Frankland

Working with 'things'

Scientific Instruments for Sydney University in the 19th Century
Julian Holland

The Objects of Science and Technology - Working with 'Things'
Martin Hallett

Archives / Objects / Museums: Points of Intersection
Jan Brazier

Science and industry

'The Union of Science and Practical Skill': 100 Years of Documentation of Science and Technology in CSR
Maureen Purtell

Despair and Delight: the Historians' Search for Evidence
Diane Sydenham

Revolutionary Marvels or Cursed Machines? - Some Museological Approaches to Industrial Science and Technology
Maryanne McCubbin

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