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Details of contributors

Amaya Jane Alvarez works at RMIT in the Department of Planning Policy and Landscape. She teaches Socio-environmental Assessment and Policy, Planning and Landscape Architecture. Jane recently completed a Masters course in History and Philosophy of Science which examines the position of women in the CSIR. She has also worked part-time for the Australian Science Archives Project and knows some of the frustrations and challenges of archival work. Her interests include environmental philosophy and politics, the writing of history and the way in which social and political context is shaped by certain narratives.

Jan Brazier is Archivist/Records Manager at the Australian Museum. Previously she worked in the ABC's Document Archives, and as researcher in Australian history on subjects including the ABC and war memorials.

Margaret Brumby has been the General Manager of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research since January 1987, returning (after a gap of some 25 years) to the home of her first place of work and higher degree in research. She is a Director of SARAMANE, the Australian consortium established to develop a malaria vaccine, a member of the AMRAD Institute Council, and the Liaison Officer of the Co-operative Research Centre for Cellular Growth Factors. Whilst at the Faculty of Education of Monash University, Margaret became a foundation member of the Standing Committee of the Monash Centre for Human Bioethics. She has subsequently served on two Institutional Ethics Committees, and is a member of the Biosafety Committee of the Institute, which oversees all experiments involving recombinant DNA technology.

Rosanne Clayton has been the Librarian at the Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science, since July 1984. Prior to that she worked in several government department libraries, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics on its project to microfiche the early colonial statistical records. One of her duties is to inform the Chairman of the Board and the Editor of Historical Records of Australian Science when a Fellow of the Academy dies and to issue the formal invitation to the biographer.

Kathryn Frankland studied Anthropology/Australian Prehistory at the University of Queensland and has a Diploma of Archives Administration from the University of NSW. Kathryn is an archivist at the John Oxley Library, the historical section of the State Library of Queensland, but is currently on secondment to the Department of Family Services to compile a series of guides to records relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples held at Queensland State Archives and within the Division of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs.

Lyndsay Gardiner is a professional historian with ten books to her credit. These include histories of Tintern School, the Free Kindergarten Union, The Royal Children's and Eye and Ear Hospitals and Janet Clarke Hall. She was born in Melbourne and educated at Lauriston and the University of Melbourne, where she gained her Master of Arts degree in 1953 and where she has tutored in history.

Martin Hallett studied Agricultural Science and worked in Papua New Guinea prior to joining the Science Museum of Victoria to curate its Agriculture Collection in 1975. Since then he has actively contributed to the changes and developments which led to the creation of the Museum of Victoria and to the opening of Scienceworks. Martin is currently Senior Curator at Scienceworks. In addition to his curatorial role, Martin has been instrumental in transferring the Museum's collection records to computer. He has had a wider professional role as a consultant, as a member of the Board of Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement, as President of the Victorian Branch of the Museums Association of Australia, and as a lecturer in Museum Studies.

Shauna Hicks studied Queensland/Australian history at the University of Queensland and is employed as Senior Archivist, Public Access, at Queensland State Archives. She previously worked as an archivist at the John Oxley Library, the historical section of the State Library of Queensland. She previously worked at the Queensland State Archives. Shauna is the current Secretary of the Australian Society of Archivists Inc.

Julian Holland is curator of scientific instruments at the Macleay Museum, Sydney University. His research interests are 19th-century natural history and the history of scientific instruments. He is the author of a number of publications, including Microscopes and Microscopy - Instruments and Related Items in the Macleay Museum (1989).

Sara Maroske is currently the researcher for the Ferdinand von Mueller project. This involves locating and preparing for publication Mueller's correspondence, and research for Mueller's biography. Sara has written a chapter on Australian amateur women scientists of the nineteenth century for Farley Kelly's collection On the Edge of Discovery, and is completing a thesis based on the early-Victorian correspondence of William Hall and Elizabeth Clare Lambert.

Janie Marshall is a painter, designer, occasional writer and scientific illustrator. She was married to a scientist for 20 years and is a biographer 'in progress'.

Doug McCann recently completed his PhD thesis in the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Melbourne. The subject of the thesis is a scientific biography of Michael White who was regarded as the leading animal cytogeneticist and a major contributor to the so-called evolutionary synthesis. Doug's interests include evolutionary theory and the histories of life sciences geerally.

Gavan McCarthy has been Senior Archivist and Chief Archivist with the Australian Science Archives Project since its inception in 1985. He has recently completed his MA in Archives and Records at Monash University and is researching the development of on-line information systems.

Maryanne McCubbin is the curator of Working Life at the Museum of Victoria. She previously held the position of Labour Archivist at the University of Melbourne Archives.

Peter Morton was born in England and took degrees at the University of London and Sussex University before moving to Australia in 1972. He completed a doctoral degree at Flinders University and was subsequently made Humanities Research Fellow. He has held several academic appointments in Britain and Australia and has alternated these posts with spells as a professional writer, technical journalist and writing consultant. He is the author of The Vital Science: Biology and the Literary Imagination, Fire Across the Desert, and After Light: A History of the City of Adelaide 1878-1928. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer in English at Flinders University.

Maureen Purtell, a former teacher, trained as an archivist in 1975 and has worked since 1976 at the Noel Butlin Archives Centre. During that time, she has developed wide knowledge of the collections held and experienced all aspects of archival work in a collecting institution. In her current position of Deputy Archives Officer, she is responsible for reader services and collection and repository management.

Tim Sherratt has been working full-time with the Australian Science Archives Project since the beginning of 1992. He is currently Manager of the ASAP Canberra Office and Head of Information Services. He edits the History of Australian Science Newsletter and his research interests include Australia in the atomic age.

Wendy Southern worked in the Records Evaluation and Disposal area of the Australian Archives from1989 to 1993. During this time she prepared guidelines for Archives staff to use in appraising the records of science and technology functions within Commonwealth agencies.

Diane Sydenham has recently resigned from the University of Melbourne to take up a position with the Victorian Cabinet Office. She is presently researching a commemorative history of women in the Liberal Party.

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