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Edited and published by Tim Sherratt (Tim.Sherratt@asap.unimelb.edu.au) for ASAP.

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Australian Academy of Science on WWW

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The Australian Academy of Science cordially invites the world to visit its freshly minted World Wide Web site, which can be found at:


The site has been prepared for the Academy by staff from the Canberra Office of ASAP (Australian Science Archives Project), and is run from the newly established ASAP Web Server in the Academy of Science dome, Becker House. The Academy's site can also be accessed through ASAP's home page at:


The AAS Web site includes information on:

Fancy a virtual bike ride around Canberra's sites of scientific interest? Then take a look at one of the Foundation for Science projects, the 'Science and Technology Bicycle Trail'. Originally produced as a map for Canberra cyclists, the Bicycle Trail has been transformed into a colourful Web page and now contains hyperlinks to the home pages of organisations such as Questacon, CSIRO, the National Museum and the ANU.

Interested in accessing some biographical information on scientists other than those on the Academy's Executive Council? Over fifty of the ninety biographical memoirs of the Academy fellowship can already be accessed from the Academy's home page, and further memoirs continue to be added. Hypertext links to ASAP's biographical resource of Australian scientists, BrightSPARCS (at http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/bsparcs/bsparcs.htm), are also provided throughout the Academy's site.

Whether you're looking for something specific, a photograph of the Academy's president Professor Sir Gustav Nossal perhaps, or a copy of the Academy's 1995 response to the Industry Commission report, or just browsing for some general information on what the Australian Academy of Science actually does, the new Web site is the place to visit!

- Victoria Young, ASAP Canberra

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