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Health and medicine museum events and exhibitions around Australia


the nature and use of gold
Since ancient times gold has been the most coveted of metals. Its scarcity has ensured constant demand and desire. People have devised ingenious ways to enhance objects with its value and beauty. In addition, the unique properties of gold make it an ideal medium for a variety of scientific and medical uses. The uses of gold are demonstrated in this new exhibition with objects ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre, from an ancient Egyptian funeral mask decorated with gold leaf, to injections for the treatment of arthritic conditions, and dental crowns and caps.

The Sydney Mint Museum
Macquarie Street Sydney
Opening 30 March 1996
Telephone enquiries: 02 217 0111

wired teeth


illustration A new exhibition in the foyer of the Wallace Wurth Building at the University of New South Wales, Kensington, traces the history of medicine using the resources available in the UNSW's Biomedical Library. Mr Bob Lewik, the reference librarian who assembled the display has selected works, prints and information about the diverse range of people from the history of medicine as a gesture to the many nationalities represented on the UNSW campus. The display also includes a collection of copies of ancient surgical instruments and copies of ancient Greek reliefs featuring doctors examining patients.

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