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Australian Science Archives Project

Annual Report

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International Council on Archives, Provisional Section on University and Research Institutions (ICA/PSUV), Science Archives Subgroup meeting
September 1995 (Washington DC, USA)

Towards the middle of 1995, Gavan McCarthy was invited to speak at the above meeting. This meeting also coincided with the Society of American Archivists Annual Conference, and it was regarded as a good opportunity to present some of ASAP's work to an international audience and review firsthand the state of the archival profession in the USA. The week long trip was packed full with meetings and presentations and led to the
re-invigoration of the Science Archives Subgroup, the commencement of planning for future meetings, and the establishment of an international agenda of activities. It became clear that ASAP was in a position to participate in the international arena and indeed, due to its success in recent times in running large and complex projects in the science and technology areas, could make a significant contribution.

Australian Society of Archivists Conference
May 1996 (Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia)

Img00004a.gif 24.1 K

L - R: Kerry Scott (Australian Archives), Joanne Evans,
Michelle Novacco and Gavan McCarthy participating
in the Australian Society of Archivists Conference,
Alice Springs, May 1996

Seven ASAP Melbourne staff members attended the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) Conference 1996 in Alice Springs. The conference presentations by Lisa Enright, Joanne Evans and Michelle Novacco were a credit to themselves and to ASAP. The professionally presented papers highlighted ASAP's cutting-edge performance and the success of our methodology and tools (not to mention staff input and innovation) in carrying out projects that by many would be considered impossible. All ASAP staff participated actively in the conference and gained much from the experience.

International Council on Archives, Provisional Section on University and Research Institutions (ICA/PSUV), Science Archives Subgroup in association with the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science, Division of History of Science, Commission on Bibliography and Documentation meeting
28-29 May 1996 (Liege, Belgium)

ICA_Beijing.gif 78.8 K

L - R: Greg Moss, Shauna Hicks, Bruce Smith
and Gavan McCarthy at the ICA Congress,
Beijing, China, September 1996

Immediately following the ASA conference in Alice Springs, Gavan McCarthy travelled to Liege, Belgium, for the above meeting titled 'Archiving the Records of Contemporary Science'. In Liege, Gavan met with Professor Rod Home, another co-organiser of this meeting, and twenty other science archivists and historians from Australia, USA and Europe, to focus on the particular challenges being posed by the introduction of new technologies to scientific practice and the impact these have on record creation and recordkeeping. The primary outcome of the meeting was a report containing a conference statement and a set of strategies to be implemented by various attendees. We hope to further our understanding of the issues, to devise tools and methods that will enable archivists and historians to handle electronic records, and to communicate with scientists our concerns about their indiscriminate use of new technologies and the risks they run by not creating viable and believable records.

Study Tour of Science Archives in Paris, London and the USA
June 1996

Utilising the fact that he was in Europe, Gavan McCarthy took the opportunity to visit a number of science archivists, especially those who would have liked to attend the Liege meeting but were unable. The tour included visiting the archives of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (French equivalent of the CSIRO) and the Headquarters of the International Council on Archives in Paris, France; Imperial College, the Natural History Museum, the Contemporary Medical Archives Centre in London, UK; the Bentley Library, University of Michigan; the Charles Babbage Center for Information Processing, University of Minnesota; Archives and Museum Informatics in Pittsburg, and various sites at Stanford University in the USA. The tour was extremely intense but enabled the presentation of ASAP's activities and achievements in a variety of settings and allowed for face-to-face debate and discussion of the key issues facing archivists in the 1990s.

Society of American Archivists Annual Conference
September 1996 (San Diego, California, USA)

Following the presentation of the paper by Gavan McCarthy at the Washington meeting in 1995, an invitation was issued to ASAP to participate in the next Society of American Archivists Annual Conference in a session focused on contemporary issues in the power generation industry. Lisa Enright, Project Leader from the Generation Victoria Round 2 project, presented a paper on ASAP's work on the records of the dissaggregating power industry in Victoria to a small but appreciative audience. Again, the exposure of ASAP and its staff to the international scene has done much to help us understand the significance of the research and development we have undertaken in the last few years.

International Council on Archives Congress
September 1996 (Beijing, China)

ICA_Beijing_Dinner.gif 40.5 K

L - R: George Nichols, Clive Smith and Gavan McCarthy
enjoying dinner in Beijing, China, September 1996

The International Council on Archives Congress, which is held every four years, is the major opportunity for the international archival community to get together and establish a working agenda for the future, and this applies to all levels of the organisation. At this Congress, the Provisional Section on Universities and Research Institutions was proclaimed as a full Section (ICA/SUV), and the Science Archives Subgroup, a group too small to qualify as a Section, was included as a subgroup. In order to facilitate the links between the subgroup and the SUV a number of members of the subgroup, including Gavan McCarthy, were invited on to the SUV Steering Committee. The Congress provided an opportunity for key science archivists to get together and propose a meeting and conference program for the next few years, which includes a major conference in Canberra around Easter 1998.

Other Conference Presentations

Tim Sherratt, 'Advertising your archives on the WWW', paper presented to 'The Internet: what can it do for the archivist?' Workshop, Australian Society of Archivists Annual Conference, Canberra, July 1995.

Tim Sherratt, 'WWW meets HPS/STS: a DIY guide', paper presented to the Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science (AAHPSSS) Annual Conference, Sydney, July 1995.

Tim Sherratt, 'Ten Years On: ASAP launches the history of Australian chemistry into cyberspace', paper presented to the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) National Congress, Adelaide, August 1995.

Tim Sherratt, 'A World to Win: the WWW experience of a small organisation with big dreams', paper presented to the Asia-Pacific World Wide Web '95 Conference, Sydney, September 1995.

Tim Sherratt, 'The Bright Sparcs Project: combining directory and publishing functions in a subject-specific resource', paper presented at the Resource Discovery Workshop '96, Melbourne, March 1996.

Tim Sherratt, 'On the Beach: Australia's nuclear history', paper presented to the French Worlds, Pacific Worlds Conference, Melbourne, July 1996.

Tim Sherratt, 'Pathways to Memory: accessing archives on the WWW', paper presented at AusWeb '96, Gold Coast, July 1996.

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Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, 23 January 1998
Prepared by: Elissa Tenkate