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Australian Science Archives Project

Annual Report

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Projects in Detail

Not all current projects are listed below. Confidentiality agreements restrict the listing of some projects, while others have not been active in the last twelve months and therefore have not been reported.

ASAP ADS Licences

ASAP has installed ASAP ADS for several clients without undertaking a full-scale archival project. For this service ASAP provides the client with a licence to use ASAP ADS as well as training in its use. Following this initial contract, ASAP can provide limited on-going support on a fee-for-service basis.

James Cook University

In 1996, June Edwards, University Archivist at James Cook University, Townsville, was given given a licence for the ASAP ADS after expressing an interest in it to Gavan McCarthy at the Australian Society of Archivists Conference in Alice Springs. In late March 1997, Lisa Cianci travelled to Townsville to install the latest version of the ASAP ADS and to provide training in the use and management of the ASAP ADS. June has transferred the data from an existing custom-made UNIX database to the ASAP ADS.

Royal Melbourne Hospital Archives

An ASAP ADS was installed at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Archives in February 1995 by Lisa Cianci. However, sometime elapsed before ASAP was called on to provide further training and some on-going support for the archivist, Gabi Haveaux. The ASAP ADS is being used to document the backlog of records in the hospital archives.

RMIT Fashion and Textile Design Resource Collection

An ASAP ADS was installed at the RMIT Fashion and Textile Design Resource Collection in 1994 and they received an Access 2.0 upgrade in 1996.

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Published by the Australian Science Archives Project on ASAPWeb, 23 January 1998
Prepared by: Elissa Tenkate