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Kingsford-Smith, Charles Edward (1897 - 1935)

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National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
[Repository details]
Title:Charles Edward Kingsford-Smith - Records
Reference:MS 5918
Date Range:1921 - 1929
Description:Letters to Kingsford Smith from W.M. Hughes and Lord Stonehaven and application for pilots licence 1921.
Quantity:4 pages
Access:Available for reference

Title:Harry Lyon - Records
Reference:MS 5312
Date Range:1928
Description:Harry Lyon's cutting-books relating to the 1928 trans-pacific flight of the Southern Cross, commanded by Captain Charles Kingsford Smith.
Quantity:2 volumes
Access:Available for reference

Title:In the Public Interest (television program) - Transcripts
Reference:MS 3794
Date Range:July 1973
Description:Transcript of In the Public Interest, "The coffee royal enquiry", "A present for Mahony" and "Revolt in the North".
Quantity:97 leaves
Access:Available for reference
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State Library of Victoria, Australian Manuscripts Collection
[Repository details]
Title:Charles Edward Kingsford-Smith - Records
Date Range:1928 - 1929
Description:Gramaphone recordings of farewell messages 1928, 1929 [MS 8288 DMS 3].
Access:Available for reference
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