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Banks, Joseph (1743 - 1820)

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Naturalist and Explorer
Born: 13 February 1743  Westminster, England.  Died: 19 June 1820  Isleworth.
(Sir) Joseph Banks travelled with James Cook on the "Endeavour" in 1768-71, and thereafter remained for some thirty years the major sponsor of science in the Australian region.

Career Highlights
Born Westminster, England, 13 February 1743. Died Isleworth, 19 June 1820. Baronet 1781, KCB 1795, member of the Privy Council 1797. Educated University of Oxford (did not graduate). Studied and collected rocks, plants and animals in Newfoundland and Labrador on H.M.S. "Niger" 1766; travelled with James Cook on the "Endeavour" 1768-71; led expedition to the Isle of Wight, the western islands of Scotland and Iceland 1772; paid for numerous expeditions which provided him with collections of animals and plants; sheepbreeding and farming on his Lincolnshire estate. Fellow, Royal Society 1766; president 1778-1820. Commemorated by Bankstown, a monument at Kurnell, the plant genus "Banksia" and several Australian plant species.

1722Led an expedition to the Isle of Wight, the western islands of Scotland and Iceland
1766Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)
1766Naturalist on the HMS Niger voyage to Newfoundland and Labrador
1768 - 1771Naturalist on the Endeavour voyages with James Cook
1778 - 1820President of the Royal Society
1795Knight Commander of the Order of Bath (KCB)
1797Member of the Privy Council in England

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