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Bauer, Ferdinand Lukas (1760 - 1826)

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Botanical artist
Born: 20 January 1760  Feldberg, Austria.  Died: 17 March 1826  Hietzing, Austria.
Ferdinand Lukas Bauer was botanical draughtsman to the Mathew Flinders' exploration of the New South Wales coast 1801-3. He made 1541 drawings of Australian plants of which 236 are preserved in the Natural History Museum, London.

Career Highlights
Born Feldberg, Austria, 20 January 1760. Died Vienna, 17 March 1826. Encouraged in botanical drawing by a priest, Norbert Boccius; illustrated "Icones Plantarum Rariorum" 1781-86; travel in the Mediterranean 1786-87, drawings later published as "Flora Graeca"; accompanied Matthew Flinders (q.v.) in the "Investigator" as botanical draughtsman 1800-1805; some of his drawings were published as"Illustrationes Florae Novae Hollandiae" (London, 1813), and some in other publications such as the atlas to Flinders' "A voyage to Terra Australis" (London, 1814) but the majority remeined unpublished because his standards were too perfectionist.

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