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Halligan, Gerald Harnett (1856 - 1942)

Published Sources
Hydrographer and Civil engineer
Born: 21 April 1856  Glebe, New South Wales, Australia.  Died: 23 November 1942  Killara, New South Wales, Australia.
Gerald Harnett Halligan, worked for the New South Wales Department of Public Works from 1871 to 1918. His many roles there included chief surveyor in charge of all borings for harbour and bridge construction and was inspecting engineer from 1911. Halligan was asked by the Royal Society of London to join their expedition to the Pacific atoll where he supervised the coral borings. His help was also sort after by the Tasmanian government on issues relating to sand drift on agricultural land. Even after his official retirement in 1918, Halligan continued to work. He completed a hydrographical survey of Lake Eyre and produced many oceanographic maps for the Pan Pacific Science congresses held in 1923 and 1929. Gerald Halligan was also an internationally recognized expert in oceanography, especially in the areas or tides, currents and sand dune formation.

Career Highlights

1871 - 1879Assistant in the Department of Public Works in New South Wales
1880 - 1942Member of the Royal Society of New South Wales
1889Chief Supervisor of Harbours and Rivers Navigation Branch of the NSW Department of Public Works
1897 - Member of the Linnean Society of New South Wales
1898Royal Society (London) expedition to the Pacific atoll of Funafuti on the Ellice Islands
1899Hydrographic Surveyor at the Department of Public Works, NSW
1900 - 1929Fellow of the Geological Society of London (FGS)
1911Speaker at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London
1911 - 1918Inspecting Engineer (Supervising Engineer) at the Department of Public Works in NSW
1918Advisor to the Tasmanian Government
1922Hydrographical examination of Lake Eyre, South Australia


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