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Hawker, Harry George (1889 - 1921)

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Aeronautical engineer and Aviator
Born: 22 January 1889  Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.  Died: 12 July 1921  Hendon, England.
Harry George Hawker trained as a mechanic in Melbourne and in 1911 left for England to become an aviator. He was employed by the Sopwith Aviation Co. and trained as a pilot, aircraft designer and general troubleshooter. His designed the revolutionary Sopwith Tabloid.

Career Highlights
Born Moorabbin, Victoria, 22 January 1889. Died Hendon, England, 12 July 1921. Trainee mechanic, Melbourne branch, Hall & Warden bicycle depot 1901-04; qualified motor mechanic, Tarrant Motor and Engineering Co 1905-07; his own car servicing workshop, Caramut, western Victoria 1907-11; Commer Car Company, England 1911; Mercedes Company 1912; Austro-Daimler Company 1912; Sopwith Aviation Company working on the Sopwith-Wright biplane 1912, test pilot and designer 1912-ca 1918, designing the Sopwith Tabloid 1913; shipped the Tabloid to Australia and gave practical flying exhibitions 1914, carrying many notable citizens as passengers; speedboard and motor racing events 1919; formed the H.G. Hawker Engineering Company 1920. 1,000 prize for the first flight of 1,000 miles on an outward course 1913; 5,000 for first pilot to fly over 1,000 miles of water without touching down 1919; drove the first car to reach 100 miles an hour 1920.

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