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HARPER, Arthur Frederick Alan

Born Sydney 5 July 1913. Education University of Sydney (B.Sc. 1934, M.Sc. 1935). State Physicist to Hospitals, Cancer Research Committee, University of Sydney, 1935-39. C.S.I.R. Research Scholar, National Physics Laboratory, U.K., 1939-40. Research physicist, National Standards Laboratory, 1940-70. President of the Australian Institute of Physics 1969-71. Executive member, Metric Conversion Board,1971-. A.O. 1976.
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  3. Physical factors in Roentgen ray therapy of the female pelvis. Sydney. University. Cancer Research Committee. Journal., 8 (1938), 115-126.
  4. (With N.F. Roberts) Precise measurements of the energies of beta -rays from radium (B + C). Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, A, 178 (1941), 170-188.

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