Papers to read

Bright Sparcs makes it easy to access many papers and short articles written for popular journals on Australia's scientific history. These documents can be read on-line or down-loaded for use later.

Some documents are only a few hundred words long, while others are equal in size to a small theses, so you'll certainly be able to find something that suits your needs in Bright Sparcs!

The first step to finding these papers is it go to the ASAPWeb site that lists all online articles. Then simply chose the paper that you wish to read. Some Bright Sparcs entries will also provide links directly to relevant papers.

For Example : If you are looking for information on Dame Jean MacNamara, firstly go to her Bright Sparcs entry. Under 'Online Sources' on her entry, you will find a link to the paper 'No standing back - Dame Jean Macnamara' by Tim Sherratt. You can read it while online, or save the file onto your computer for later reference.

ASAP has processed the records of a number of scientists and organisations. A full listing of the Guides to the records of ... these scientists and organisations are listed on ASAPWeb. Several Guides are also online at ASAPWeb, while others are available for purchase in book form. These comprehensive Guides would be helpful to those researching the particular scientist or organisation in depth, particularly those researchers who plan to access the archival records.

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