[HASN logo] No. 33, August-September 1994 ISSN 0811-4757
Edited and published by Tim Sherratt (Tim.Sherratt@asap.unimelb.edu.au) for ASAP.

[News logo] Women in the History of Palaeontology in Australia

Sue Turner from the Queensland Museum is carrying out a project on women in palaeontology in Australia. If anyone has any pictures, stories or anecdotes about such women could they contact her. She is interested in finding out what difficulties (or not) these women had in pursuing a career in palaeontology. Sue is also looking into the history of Australian men (especially amateurs) from the same standpoint.

If you have any information Sue can be contacted at the Queensland Museum, PO Box 3300, South Brisbane, Qld 4101. Ph: (07) 840 7555.

- From The Australian Geologist, No. 90, 31 March 1994.

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