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Forster, Johann Georg Adam (1754 - 1794)

Biographical entry Published Sources
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
[Repository details]
Title:Johann Georg Adam Forster and Johann Reinhold Forster - Records
Reference:MS 51
Date Range:1772 - 1775
Description:Bibliographical and biographical material relating to the Forsters, collected mostly by M. E. Hoare 1960s-70s.
Quantity:0.07 m
Access:Available for reference
Related Entries:Forster, Johann Reinhold (1729 - 1798)
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Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
[Repository details]
Title:Johann Georg Adam Forster - Records
Date Range:1778 - 1785
Description:Photocopies of diplomas of J.G.A. Forster 1778-85 (originals in the Nan Kivell collection, National Library of Australia) [3 items, A4142].
Quantity:3 items
Access:Available for reference
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National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
[Repository details]
Title:Johann Georg Adam Forster - Records
Reference:MS 4244
Date Range:1778 - 1790
Description:Degrees, certificates and related documents 1778-87 concerned with his writings and service to natural history.
Quantity:4 items
Access:Available for reference

Title:Joseph Banks - Records
Reference:MS 9
Date Range:1745 - 1820
Description:240 letter, primarily of botanical and zoological interest, of which 31 are from Banks. The remainder are from some 83 correspondents including Sarah Banks, Earl of Bathurst, David Collins, W. B. Conyngham (5), Alexander Dalrymple (3), James Fleming, J. G. A. Forster (11), J. R. Forster (7), John Hunter (5), Philip Gidley King (7), Lord Nelson, William Paterson (5), W. P. Perrin (11), William Perry (5), William Petrie (6), Arthur Phillip and Lord Radnor. Also includes a copy of a letter from Banks, 15 September 1795 and copies of newspaper cuttings 1911, 1920, 1923 regarding auction of Captain Cook manuscripts.
Quantity:0.48 m
Access:Available for reference
Related Entries:Banks, Joseph (1743 - 1820) | Dalrymple, Alexander (1737 - 1808) | Forster, Johann Reinhold (1729 - 1798) | Hunter, John (1737 - 1821) | King, Philip Gidley (1758 - 1808) | Paterson, William (1755 - 1810) | Perrin, W.P.

Title:Joseph Banks - Records
Reference:MS 989
Date Range:1745 - 1814
Description:Fourteen letters (1775-1814) mainly to Sir Joseph Banks, from the following correspondents: Count von Rumford, Dr. William Anderson, John Hawkesworth, W. Phipps, Dr. James Lind, Georg Forster, Capt. James King, J. R. Forster, Dr. Daniel Solander, Capt. Charles Clerke, Earl of Sandwich, Dr. Andrew Kippis and William Wales. Also documents, 1745 and 1759, appointing John Byron as lieutenant on H.M.S. St. George and captain on H.M.S. Fame.
Quantity:52 leaves
Access:Available for reference
Related Entries:Banks, Joseph (1743 - 1820)
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